About ArkivJazz

Company Information

ArkivJazz is a jazz music retailer with a focus on the physical market for products in the CD, DVD/Blue-ray,SACD and Vinyl formats. Our multiple-warehouse distribution system allows us to offer a vast selection of titles.

The design for ArkivJazz emphasizes the ability to quickly and intuitively find jazz recordings. The peculiarities of jazz do not always lend themselves to standard search tools used on the Web. Spelling inconsistencies, differing search syntax designs, and databases not specifically oriented to the parameters of jazz can often lead to very confusing results. At ArkivJazz, we take a lot of the guesswork out of finding music by letting you click down a logical and well-categorized path to the works and recordings that you want.

The ArkivJazz staff is made up of experts in internet commerce, direct-to-consumer operations and logistics, customer service -- and most importantly, jazz!  This unique combination enables ArkivJazz to provide exceptional service to jazz lovers in ways not available anywhere else!