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Henry Grimes/ESP-Disk

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Founded in NYC in 1963 by the late Bernard Stollman, ESP-Disk embarked on a prolific release schedule, issuing nearly 50 albums in its first two years of existence alone. Specializing in the new, free improvisational music by relative if not complete unknowns to most record buyers of the time, these albums by such players as Albert Ayler, Gato Barbieri, Bob James, Roswell Rudd, Sunny Murray, Milford Graves, and Sonny Simmons- many making their debuts as leaders on the label - heralded the beginnings of a challenging new dynamism and excitement in a musical realm that was being seen and felt in some quarters as increasingly staid and lacking vibrancy. Today the label continues its mission of recording artists that relish the challenge of fresh perspectives in the performance of improvisational music.