DownBeat Editors' Picks - February 2018

The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren

Palermo and band navigate seamlessly between the Zappa and Rundgren oeuvres, playing with passion and precision one moment, embracing hilarity and absurdity the next. Highlights include prominent baritone saxophone parts smartly executed by Barbar... (Read More)

From a Familiar Place

For their new band’s debut, the pianist and saxophonist have assembled a terrific lineup: trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, trombonist Marshall Gilkes, guitarist Rafal Sarnecki, bassist Jeff Dingler and drummer Michael Winnicki, who is Andrzej’s ... (Read More)


His tone and melodicism are just killing with a flow of ideas that’s vast and beautiful. Smith has been an outstanding player for a long time on his own leader projects and as an accompanist for everyone from Roy Haynes and Terence Blanchard... (Read More)

Lalu Belu [Vinyl]

Reintroduced to the world several years ago, thanks to the Awesome Tapes From Africa label’s reissues of Shemonmuanaye (1985) and Tche Belew (1977), Mergia’s become a well-regarded player who, after decades of living as a civilian, slo... (Read More)


The ensemble pursues an aesthetic that draws upon many genres, including jazz, folk, baroque (and other European classical styles), new music, avant-garde sounds, film scores and traditional Japanese music. Strønen, who wrote or co-wrote al... (Read More)