DownBeat Editors' Picks - February 2019

East of the Sun

Pianist Michael Kocour brings formidable technique and exquisite touch to 10 Great American Songbook standards on East Of The Sun, his third solo outing. Performed on a refurbished 1975 Steinway model B grand in a small studio with n... (Read More)

Mare Nostrum III

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Many jazz fans have been swayed by shiny wrapping paper only to find... (Read More)

Take the Neon Lights

On her solo debut, Fullmoon, Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based Steph Richards proved herself a virtuoso of nonlinear trumpet playing. In her hands, the instrument’s timbre is unbelievably plastic, at some points as squiggly and evasive as a drop... (Read More)

Glitter Wolf

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When a band truly is collaborative, it’s fitting to judge the ... (Read More)

Real Feels Live, Vol.2

Following up the first live installment from Real Feels, issued back in 2016 on Shifting Paradigm, John Raymond, an Indiana University educator, reconvenes the convivial trio for a set that owes as much to the cool school as it does 21st-century r... (Read More)