DownBeat Editors' Picks - January 2018

Tribute to Bobby

Steve Hobbs’ latest project didn’t start out as a tribute album. But it became one soon after its recording due to the Aug. 16, 2016, passing of Hobbs’ friend and mentor, the legendary vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. Hobbs, one of... (Read More)

All in My Mind

All In My Mind chronicles the good doctor’s 75th birthday celebration last summer at Jazz Standard in New York. We have here a classic organ trio playing to bring a smile, a stomp and a “hell, yeah” to every gut-bucket organ fan ... (Read More)

Autumn Wind

Click here to view the Vinyl version.


The intersection of modern jazz and contemporary classical music bec... (Read More)

All Can Work

John Hollenbeck’s All Can Work is an album of awe-inspiring majesty. The latest recording by the drummer, composer and arranger and his 20-piece Large Ensemble is dedicated to trumpeter Laurie Frink, who passed away in 2013 after ba... (Read More)

Solstice / Equinox

Pairing a gifted vocalist with a program of timeless standards is a surefire recipe for a strong album, but those types of projects truly soar only when the arrangements and accompaniment are top-notch. Such is the case with vocalist Diana Panton&... (Read More)

Piazzola: Legacy

A successful tribute album accomplishes four goals: It serves as a gateway to the honoree’s original recordings; it stands alone as great art, regardless of the listener’s level of familiarity with the source material; it interprets th... (Read More)