DownBeat Editors' Picks - January 2019

Stomping Off from Greenwood

Saxophonist Greg Ward turns in a program that’s as eclectic as it is electric with Stomping Off from Greenwood, a recording that features the endlessly sturdy Chicago rhythm duo of bassist Matt Ulery and drummer Quin Kirchner. ... (Read More)

Heart Songs

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Among Americana musicians today, few names are more revered than tha... (Read More)

Days on Earth

British tenor saxophonist Mark Lockheart is more famous in his homeland than he is in the States, thanks to his work in the big band Loose Tubes, the quintet Polar Bear and the trio Malija, as well as his albums as a bandleader. His new release, <... (Read More)

Traversing Orbits

The internal logic and rhythms of Mary Halvorson’s maneuvers up and down the fretboard are instantly recognizable in just about any setting. And as she continues releasing a fecundity of music stamped with the irrepressible style, the guitar... (Read More)

Been Meaning to Tell You

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In the middle of Ina Forsman’s excellent new R&B album are... (Read More)