DownBeat Editors Picks January 2020

If You're Going to the City: A Tribute to Mose Allison [CD + DVD]

On If You’re Going To The City: A Tribute To Mose Allison, the lyrics alone are worth the price of admission. Taj Mahal gently growls, “If silence was golden, you couldn’t raise a dime/ Because your mind is on vacation a... (Read More)

Blues from the Inside Out

A middle-aged dog can learn new tricks. This is evidenced by veteran bluesman Dave Specter’s latest release, Blues From The Inside Out. For the first time in his long career, the string-bending, flame-throwing guitarist emerges as a... (Read More)

Excursions and Adventures

For a lot of jazz fans, the interest in this album will lie more with the side players than the leader, and fair enough. Tim Ray is a talented and accomplished pianist, but because much of his career has been spent playing behind pop artists&mdash... (Read More)

Eric Alexander with Strings

Thanks, no doubt, to the precedent-setting sweetness of Charlie Parker With Strings, there’s an expectation that any pairing of a saxophonist and a string section will result in something ballad-heavy and lush. Obviously, there have... (Read More)

Swiss Radio Days Jazz 46 [2 CDs]

Saxophonist Charles Lloyd is renowned for fearlessly reinventing himself to explore some recently discovered facet of his personality and art. A few years after his final recording in the band of drummer Chico Hamilton and the same year as the sax... (Read More)

The Space Between Disguises

As longtime readers know, the motto that appears on the cover of DownBeat is “Jazz, Blues & Beyond.” The phrase includes that third word as an umbrella term, which applies to music that isn’t easy to categorize. “Beyond... (Read More)