DownBeat Editors' Picks - March 2018

Heart Tonic

Although song titles here deal with potential loss, musically, this is not a dour set of tunes. “Fortune” hedges in that direction, with an arrangement that is slow but never dirgey, as wisps of Benjamin Hoffman’s organ color the... (Read More)

Music IS

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This long-awaited solo album from Bill Frisell, who has spent a con... (Read More)

Whatever It Takes

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James Hunter traffics in an aesthetic that owes an obvious artistic ... (Read More)


On Returnings, Danish guitarist Jakob Bro and his band take their time. Bro’s music is not about flash and bravura; it subtly floats through quiet details, creating sound paintings of depth, warmth and beauty. Bro is joined on ... (Read More)

American Utopia

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American Utopia refers not to a specific utopia, but t... (Read More)

Of Abstract Dreams

The recorded legacy of Sun Ra doesn’t need any bolstering, but the live set of four tunes on Of Abstract Dreams is a quiet and surprisingly personal sounding album. The recording, issued in cooperation between Strut and Ar... (Read More)