DownBeat Editors Picks May 2020


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When downloads surpassed physical CDs in popularity, one casualty of that tectoni... (Read More)


Is this a panacea for what we’re all experiencing now? Probably not. But Diluvio definitely will displace listeners’ anxiety for about 50 minutes as drummer Robby Ameen moves through his keenly honed influences, expanding beyo... (Read More)

The Dead Don't Dream

There’s a lot about Finnish trumpeter Verneri Pohjola that sounds familiar. The way his breathy tone skips across a trancelike groove, cushioned by the airy ambience of synth chords, will put some listeners in mind of Jon Hassell, and the wa... (Read More)

Imaginary Archipeligo

It’s easy to get lost in Imaginary Archipelago, a cooperative effort by drummer/percussionists Adam Rudolph and Hamid Drake, and saxophonist/flutist Ralph M. Jones—three commanding improvisers with decades of work behind them ... (Read More)

Impressions In Blue and Red [2 CDs]

Alex Goodman hears red, and hears blue. Other colors, too. The New York-based guitarist’s innate sensitivity to the associative power of colors and their various shades served as the inspiration behind this well-planned and superbly executed... (Read More)

New York at Night

New York at Night is the 13th studio album from veteran rock 'n' roll troubadour Willie Nile, and the strongest manifestation to date of his deep affinity for the city. The album's 12 new originals exemplify the artist's trademark mi... (Read More)