DownBeat Editors' Picks - November 2017

Masters in Bordeaux

The collaboration of Martial Solal and Dave Liebman, two master musicians from different generations and continents, might seem highly unlikely—but it was clearly meant to be. The 90-year-old French pianist Solal and the American saxophonist... (Read More)


Fans of straight-ahead jazz have reason to rejoice because guitar icon Pat Martino has released his first studio album as a bandleader in 11 years. For the aptly titled Formidable, he is teamed with his working trio—organist Pat Bianchi and ... (Read More)

Book of Rhapsodies, Vol. 2

Ghost Train Orchestra was formed in 2006 by trumpeter Brian Carpenter and features an ensemble of top-shelf New York improvisers, including violinist Mazz Swift, clarinetist Dennis Lichtman, saxophonist Petr Cancura, trombonist Curtis Hasselbring,... (Read More)

Nat "King" Cole & Me

Gregory Porter has one of the most amazing singing voices you’ll hear on planet Earth. It can raise you to your feet with its power or help you sink into a chair and say, “Ah,” because it’s so darned soothing. On N... (Read More)

Hard Times

Vincent Herring’s third release on Smoke Sessions is a soulful groover that finds the alto and soprano saxophonist wailing the hard-bop blues, with gospel-like exclamations and deep pockets of funk contributing to the album’s uplifting... (Read More)


With her U.S. debut, Monochrome, singer-songwriter Emi Meyer has crafted a gem that will greatly expand her international fan base. Born in Kyoto to a Japanese mother and an American father, the Tokyo-based Meyer has released several albums in Jap... (Read More)

Unfiltered Universe

Guitarist-composer Rez Abbasi takes a subtle approach to melding South Asian music and modern jazz on his 12th album as a leader, the third installment in a trilogy of recordings with his supergroup Invocations. A quintet featuring Abbasi with sax... (Read More)