DownBeat Editors' Picks - November 2019

Even Better

If the collaborative endeavor Thumbscrew wasn’t enough to demonstrate the way bassist Michael Formanek and guitarist Mary Halvorson excel in each other’s company, Even Better is further proof. Formanek’s career has been ... (Read More)

Hiding Out

A single, repeated, bell-like tone, followed by a slow trickle of high-pitched woodwinds and muted brass, open the appropriately titled suite “Flow” from Mike Holober’s new recording with his Gotham Jazz Orchestra—a 17-piec... (Read More)

Dreamlife of Debris

The best art arguably can encompass high and low, the profane and the sanctified. Kit Downes, who topped the categories Rising Star–Keyboard and Rising Star–Organ in the 2019 DownBeat Critics Poll, turns in his second leader date for t... (Read More)

The Adornment of Time

The bifurcation of jazz and its associated musics—or at least the listenership of the two branches—has been hugely beneficial in one respect: Any perceived limitations to form and function are discarded by one set of folks and stringen... (Read More)

Old New

It’s hard to understand why cello isn’t played by more jazz musicians. It has tremendous range, both in terms of pitch and expressivity, is more suited to pizzicato playing than violin, has a smoother, richer arco sound than bass and c... (Read More)

Campus Concert

The lively Campus Concert, the sixth release in the Octave Remastered Series, was recorded at three shows in 1962 and finds Erroll Garner in a trio setting with bassist Eddie Calhoun and drummer Kelly Martin. Those players were there to s... (Read More)

Cobb's Pockets

What happens when an art form’s foremost practitioner dies? When harmonica legend Toots Thielemans passed away in 2016, fans around the globe asked, “Who will carry the mantle?” The responsibility for extending the jazz-harmonica... (Read More)