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Blues began with African Americans in the Deep South in the late 19th century. It traces its roots in call-and-response work songs, the melodic phrasing of spirituals and field hollers, chants and ballads. The Blues also includes some aspects of European-American folk music. The blues scale, with flat thirds, fifths, and sevenths plus specific blues chord progressions within a twelve-bar blues phrase is the most common part of the sound. The walking bass, highly influential to jazz, reinforces the rhythm and forms the effect known as the groove. Blues traces its essence to the sufferings, sadness and spiritual strength of the African-American community. With the invention of the electric guitar, Blues took on an aggressive, instrumental dimension that greatly influenced rock and roll. Sub-genres include Country Blues, Delta Blues, Piedmont Blues, Chicago Blues, West Coast Blues and more. The list of great Blues artists, old and new, is vast,



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