Coltrane: The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/23/1997
Label: GRP Records
Style(s): Bebop
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Coltrane had only recently moved to the Impulse label when producer Bob Thiele decided to set up recording equipment for performances at the Village Vanguard in November 1961. It was a crucial period in Coltrane's artistic development, as his music assumed apocalyptic power and controversy swirled around his expanded band and marathon performances. The band ranges from a trio with bass and drums for the extended tenor workouts like "Impressions" and "Chasin' the Trane"; to an octet on some versions of "India," where Coltrane's soprano swirls through the throbbing drones and percussion. Among the sidemen are the multireed player Eric Dolphy and drummer Elvin Jones, Coltrane's most inspiring partners, while guests include Ahmed Abdul-Malik on tamboura and Garvin Bushell, a veteran of Jelly Roll Morton's bands, on contra-bassoon. There are more than four hours of music here, with multiple versions of core repertoire and almost every instant packed with passion and invention. These are among the greatest recordings of Coltrane's career. --Stuart Broomer

1. India
Length: 10:33
2. Chasin' the Trane
Length: 09:51
3. Impressions
Length: 08:52
4. Spiritual
Length: 12:49
5. Miles' Mode
Length: 10:22
6. Naima
Length: 07:40
7. Brazilia
Length: 18:45
8. Chasin' Another Trane
Length: 15:35
9. India (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 13:14
10. Spiritual (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 15:13
11. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
Length: 06:38
12. Chasin' the Trane (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 16:08
13. Greensleeves
Length: 06:26
14. Impressions
Length: 10:59
15. Spiritual (Alternate Take 2)
Length: 13:48
16. Naima (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 07:07
17. Impressions (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 14:52
18. India (Alternate Take 2)
Length: 10:03
19. Greensleeves (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 05:02
20. Miles' Mode (Alternate Take 1)
Length: 15:25
21. India (Alternate Take 3)
Length: 15:14
22. Spiritual (Alternate Take 3)
Length: 20:40
Album Details
Disc Count: 4
Total Length: 265:16
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