In the Pocket

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/24/2002
Album Personnel: George Duke (Piano), Harry "Sweets" Edison (Trumpet), Plas Johnson (Tenor Saxophone), Mike Melvoin (Keyboards), Jake Hanna (Drums)
Style(s): Bebop
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From note one, this band is swinging and In the Pocket!  Amongst the first dozen recordings issued by the then-fledgling Concord Jazz label, these two inspired sextet sessions—co-led by Herb Ellis and Ray Brown—virtually defined the early Concord Jazz sound.  Disc One—After You’ve Gone—captured this amalgamation of all-star jazzmen an unbridled jam, live at the Concord Jazz Festival.  Disc Two—Hot Tracks, with Mike Melvoin replacing George Duke in the lineup—documents the hard-swinging stalwarts jamming in an encore session in the recording studio.  These two Concord Jazz classics are a must for anyone who likes fun-loving, swinging jazz.

1. After You've Gone
Length: 08:13
2. Mitch's Lament
Length: 08:18
3. Home Grown
Length: 06:27
4. Mood Indigo
Length: 06:52
5. Detour Ahead
Length: 06:29
6. Fatty McSlatty
Length: 09:49
7. Flintstones II
Length: 06:08
8. Onion Roll
Length: 04:25
9. Spherikhal
Length: 04:54
10. But Beautiful
Length: 05:24
11. Blue for Minnie
Length: 04:41
12. Bones
Length: 05:54
13. So's Your Mother
Length: 05:19
14. Squatty Roo
Length: 03:09
15. Sweetback
Length: 04:26
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 90:28
UPC: 013431215424