Town and Country

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/9/2017
Style(s): Post Bop, Third Stream
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 Plain spoken but poetic, timely and timeless, poignant yet pointed: the American folk song tradition has a long history of confronting specific injustices while embracing a universal humanity. On the starkly moving Town and Country, vocalist Dominique Eade and pianist Ran Blake take the long view of our own tumultuous moment in history with a wide-ranging collection of folk tunes that examine the travails of Americans from Main Street to the mountains. With the varied repertoire on Town and Country, Eade and Blake - long-time colleagues both on the stage and as educators at Boston's New England Conservatory - present a broad notion of folk song that's as diverse as the nation itself. There are the expected classic tunes and country ballads, the ill-fated coalminers, the tragic romantics grasping out their last breaths, the cries of faith and determination sent heavenward. But in the agile imaginations of these two inventive artists, who share a love for skewing the traditional through a modernist lens, the folk idea is broad enough to include film noir laments and TV-scaled road songs, moonlit love and Third Stream austerity.

1. Lullaby
Length: 00:54
2. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Length: 03:56
3. Moon River
Length: 03:37
4. West Virginia Mine Disaster (Take 2)
Length: 02:37
5. Elijah Rock
Length: 03:28
6. Give My Love to Rose
Length: 03:48
7. Harvest at Massachusetts General Hospital
Length: 01:39
8. The Easter Tree
Length: 02:14
9. Moonglow / Theme from Picnic
Length: 03:53
10. Thoreau
Length: 02:31
11. Moti
Length: 01:50
12. Pretty Fly
Length: 01:42
13. Open Highway
Length: 03:14
14. Gunther
Length: 02:02
15. West Virginia Mine Disaster (Take 1)
Length: 03:09
16. Harvest at Massachusetts General Hospital
Length: 01:10
17. Moonlight in Vermont
Length: 03:22
18. Goodnight, Irene
Length: 02:21
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 47:27
UPC: 016728148429