Then and Now

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/2/2018
Style(s): Post Bop
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Although featured in a wide variety of performance arenas, Green is in his element and shines as the leader of the Benny Green Trio. With drumming master Kenny Washington and revered bassist David Wong completing the piano trio, Green commands the stage, delighting international audiences in his 38th year as a bandleader. It was only natural that this trio would become the springboard for Green's recent new musical adventures. A recording session led by prodigy vocalist Veronica Swift made such an impact on Green that he expanded his own generally instrumental traditions and began collaborating with both Swift and his trio. Green's authoritative skill at the keyboard and hard-swinging ensemble were the perfect sonic landscape for Swift's masterful musicianship and organic approach to scat singing, with Swift proving her voice was the perfect soloing instrument to complement Green's stylistic swing.

1. Donny Hath a Way
Length: 02:18
2. For Regulars Only
Length: 03:09
3. Latin America
Length: 04:43
4. Naturally
Length: 03:32
5. Minor Contention
Length: 02:53
6. Enchanted Forest
Length: 01:45
7. Split Kick
Length: 03:27
8. Say You're Mine
Length: 03:21
9. Humphrey
Length: 04:15
10. Hipsippy Blues
Length: 03:41
11. Something I Dreamed Las Night
Length: 04:27
12. Wiggin'
Length: 04:03
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:34
UPC: 016728152822