Three in Paris

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/28/2019
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The past few years have found saxophonist/composer Jeremy Udden stepping away from his more fleshed out ensemble projects to focus on music with a more stripped down, direct approach. This led him to working up solo concerts, which, in turn led him back to one of his main influences, the great saxophonist and musical conceptualist Steve Lacy.// The loose and instinctive playing of Lacy has long been a draw for Udden. Udden even studied with the master improviser when Lacy was teaching at the New England Conservatory. After Lacy passed in 2004, Udden performed at a memorial concert that was held in New York City, along with a number of Lacy's friends and collaborators, including the drummer John Betsch. // Over the past few years, Udden also began a collaboration with Paris based bassist Nicolas Moreaux, with whom he recorded Belleville Project, which was released in 2015. The two continued to interact and consider new projects. As it turns out, the American born Betsch called Paris home for decades and Moreaux had been performing with him on occasion. The idea of incorporating Betsch into a trio project began to coalesce and would eventually culminate in their new recording, Three in Paris.

1. Roland Alphonso
Length: 05:40
2. Lazy Afternoon
Length: 04:54
3. Who Needs It?
Length: 04:11
4. Hope
Length: 03:56
5. Azure
Length: 05:18
6. Prayer
Length: 05:06
7. The Crust
Length: 04:09
8. Bone
Length: 04:23
9. Folk Song 2
Length: 05:36
10. One for Us
Length: 02:46
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 45:59
UPC: 016728154529