Four Visions

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/11/2019
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The saxophone quartet is a tricky ensemble that is at the same time a lot of fun but very demanding technically. The saxophone quartet celebrates the instrument offering a lot of commonality, since they are all playing the same instrument, which embodies a rich legacy and history in jazz and contemporary music. The composers have to approach the ensemble as a chamber group with each member being especially responsible rhythmically. Remember the sax quartet configuration does not include a chord or rhythm instrument but, as you hear on this recording, the harmonic texture is quite pronounced and there is nothing musically missing.

1. Blaizza
Length: 04:14
2. Dunes
Length: 05:43
3. Legions
Length: 08:14
4. Et voit le jour
Length: 06:07
5. Empty Sunbeam
Length: 05:44
6. A Moody Time
Length: 08:02
7. Technicolor Penguins
Length: 06:09
8. Buy a Moutain
Length: 07:07
9. In Bach's Studio
Length: 15:53
10. Road Kill
Length: 03:16
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 70:29
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