Brazilian Dream Blooms

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Release Date: 9/18/2020
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Brazilian Dream Blooms is the remastered version of "Brazilian Dream" with an additional bonus track "Dança". This is an ENHANCED CD that includes a movie clip of a live performance of "Dança" recorded in Brazil. // Fleurine composed all the music on guitar and found herself a dream band made up out of up and coming, and some well established Brazilian musicians on the New York Jazz scene, some of whom she has collaborated with for many years like Vitor Goncalves on piano and accordion, Chico Pinheiro on electric guitar, Eduardo Belo on bass, Ian Faquini on acoustic guitar and Rogerio Boccato on percussion a.k.a. Boys from Brazil. Some familiar American boys were added to the mix, Chris Potter on Flutes and Saxes and Brad Mehldau on Fender Rhodes and piano to complete the dream.

1. Sparkling Gemstone
2. Dreaming (Sonhando)
3. Sing Free (Caged Bird)
4. Longing (Saudade)
5. Contradiction (Contradição)
6. Dança! (Nos braços do Forró)
7. My King
8. Falling Stars (Estrelas Cadentes)
9. Passion (Ausência de Paixão)
10. Let's Stay Together (Justinho)
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