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Release Date: 6/14/2019
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Because Avishai Cohen’s previous outing—a 2017 album titled 1970 (Sony)—was his most commercially successful release thus far, one wouldn’t blame him for revisiting a similar artistic wellspring. Instead, for his 17th leader date, the bassist went in another direction, recruiting an entirely different set of musicians for the deeply personal, nostalgia-fueled Arvoles. Half the program here consists of trio recordings with pianist Elchin Shirinov and drummer Noam David, and on the other half, the band expands to a quintet with trombonist Björn Samuelsson and flutist Anders Hagberg. - DownBeat Magazine Editors' Pick


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1. Simonero
Length: 04:07
2. Arvoles
Length: 05:35
3. Face Me
Length: 04:02
4. Gesture No. 2
Length: 03:35
5. Elchinov
Length: 03:55
6. Childhood (For Carmel)
Length: 02:59
7. Gesture No. 1
Length: 05:25
8. Nostalgia
Length: 04:17
9. New York 90's
Length: 02:56
10. Wings
Length: 04:29
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:20
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