Dreamers Do

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/7/2020
Style(s): Vocal
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Dreamers Do explores the common human struggles around daring to dream, including a range of emotional and psychological consequences. The music all takes place over the course of one, sleepless night. Dreamers Do is a mix of Edmonson's original songs and re-imagined American Songbook standards (many of them, Disney songs from the mid-20th Century) arranged in the style of Kat's trademark vintage-pop, jazz, and chamber-pop. Musical influences were drawn from Africa, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Europe, and early to mid-century United States. Instruments featured on Dreamers Do include kora (West African harp), tabla, steel pan, erhu and pipa (Chinese string instruments), harp, theremin, celeste, polyphonic synthesized sounds, piano, organ, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, drums, a multitude of percussion, strings, woodwinds, and voices. Possessing a fleet, light voice and a sly touch, jazz vocalist Kat Edmonson brings both the songs and the sensibility of the Great American Songbook into the 21st century.

1. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Length: 02:48
2. Go to Sleep
Length: 02:51
3. In a World of My Own (With Duchess)
Length: 03:52
4. Night Walk - Interlude
Length: 01:02
5. When You Wish Upon a Star
Length: 05:17
6. The Parlor - Interlude
Length: 00:23
7. Chim Chim Cher-Ee
Length: 02:36
8. This Old House - Interlude
Length: 00:17
9. Someone's in the House
Length: 02:04
10. Carlyle - Interlude
Length: 00:18
11. Very Good Advice
Length: 03:03
12. Too Late to Dream
Length: 03:42
13. A Little Night Music? - Interlude
Length: 00:51
14. All I Do Is Dream of You
Length: 03:03
15. Be Careful How You Wish
Length: 05:24
16. The Second Star to the Right
Length: 03:53
17. The Age of Not Believing (feat. Bill Frisell)
Length: 04:21
18. Morning - Interlude
Length: 00:05
19. What a Wonderful World
Length: 02:44
20. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Reprise)
Length: 02:52
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 51:26
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