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Release Date: 3/8/2019
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Reflections is a personal retrospective of Grammy-nominated artist Anoushka Shankar's favorite tracks, with hits from previous albums such as Land of Gold, Traces of You, and Rise, presented in a new selection curated by Shankar herself. Featuring important collaborators in her career such as her father, Ravi Shankar, and her sister, Norah Jones, Reflections provides personal statements and the artist's insights into each beloved track.

1. The Sun Won't Set (feat. Norah Jones)
Length: 03:37
2. Buleria con Ricardo
Length: 06:04
3. Remain the Sea (feat. Vanessa Regrave)
Length: 04:11
4. Lasya
Length: 04:39
5. Land of Gold (feat. Alev Lenz)
Length: 04:39
6. Guru: Raga Jogeshwari - Jod, Jhala
Length: 03:59
7. Si No Puedo Verla
Length: 05:15
8. Voice of the Moon
Length: 08:56
9. Flight
Length: 03:38
10. Burn
Length: 04:43
11. Reunion
Length: 05:01
12. Pancham se Gara
Length: 04:03
13. Traces of You (feat. Norah Jones)
Length: 03:46
14. Beloved
Length: 07:06
15. Say Your Prayers
Length: 04:48
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 74:25
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