Cuban Fire

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/6/2019
Label: Double Moon
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The Bundesjazzorchester (BuJazzO) is a pretty unique institution worldwide. The orchestra was founded to support young jazz musicians- up to age 24- after leaving the school orchestras, youth music schools, etc. Applicants can be members for up to two years after a successful audition. The program of the BuJazzO is organized in so called work phases. During a work phase the members of the orchestra develop a complete concert repertoire under the guidance of professional musicians/educators. Most of its existence the BuJazzO was conducted by trombonist Peter Herbolzheimer. Since 2009 the band is conducted by keyboarder Mike Herting. The BuJazzO played almost 400 concerts and visited twenty countries.

1. Fuego Cubano
Length: 06:15
2. Recuerdos
Length: 05:56
3. Quien Sabe
Length: 05:14
4. La Guera Baila
Length: 06:09
5. La Suerte de los Tontos
Length: 05:38
6. The Hunt (feat. NYJO)
Length: 10:39
7. A Rosa (feat. Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest & Sanne Rambags)
Length: 11:29
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 51:20
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