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Release Date: 7/12/2019
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A true musical dialogue between cultures requires a thorough understanding of their cultural language. Genuine interest, curiosity and research into the smallest detail, the nuances and the rhetoric of each others musical language is needed to create something new- something that enhances the qualities of both worlds instead of getting bogged down in platitudes and stereotypes. The Madar Ensemble is the fruit of the musical friendship between the Palestinian oud player Nizar Rohana and Dutch bassist Tony Overwater. Together they selected three prominent musicians from the Arab world and the Netherlands: clarinet player Maarten Ornstein; Tunisian violinist and viola damore player Jasser Haj Youssef and the Jordanian percussionist Nasser Salameh; led by Tony and Nizar, each member of the ensemble contributes some of his compositions and jointly strive for the creation of new music with an authentic sound.

1. Madar Bayati
Length: 04:26
2. Sofia
Length: 03:06
3. Acamar
Length: 04:59
4. Silence
Length: 05:11
5. Abakua
Length: 02:26
6. Furud
Length: 04:59
7. Not the Rain
Length: 05:03
8. Gemini
Length: 03:19
9. Doulab
Length: 06:10
10. Hills of Delphi
Length: 04:57
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 44:36
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