The Jazz Influencers

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Release Date: 11/20/2020
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Morris Kiphuis, hornist, jazz composer and improviser of JOC, says: The biggest lesson I learnt in New York is that I am European, and jazz is an American music style - originally the way for an oppressed black minority to express their right to freedom. It gives a unique character and energy to the music. But I'm just a boy from Hilversum."" With this statement Kliphuis offers a peek into the inner world of the new generation of Dutch jazz and improvised musicians as a whole, and that of the millennials more in particular. They are the jazz influencers of today. Recorded in two days for a live audience, this recording method enhances the here-and-now experience of the music.

1. Giant
Length: 08:17
2. Whiplash
Length: 10:23
3. Lunar
Length: 03:45
4. Mercurial
Length: 02:08
5. Saturnine
Length: 01:22
6. Mushroom
Length: 07:41
7. Mynah
Length: 02:39
8. Brothers Keeper
Length: 06:36
9. Freya
Length: 06:56
10. Open Water
Length: 07:34
11. Pixelated Paradise
Length: 08:42
12. The Peter Cat
Length: 07:46
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Total Length: 73:49
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