Dream Time

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/4/2019
Label: Enja Records
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The South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim's Solo Concert, recorded in his new homeland of Bavaria. The resultant album "Dream Time" choreographs this subtly stirring recital as a timelessly beautiful self portrait of the artist. Calm, yet exuding a gripping power. In the course of an hour's time, the listener is treated to an uninterrupted flow of melody-tonal beauty of a strong spiritual nature. This music towers far above the mere sum of it's notes. Listening to the man in concert is like eavesdropping on his life story. Threads are laid out, some to be revisited, others not... as quietly, almost unconsciously, the lattice entwines the audience, revealing fascinating moments of a life well lived. Moments unhurried, flowing slow and steady-sometimes stopping time itself. Such a modus operandi allows for an uncommon intimacy and a veritable archaic freedom from the hecticism of our times. Those who might immerse themselves in Abdullah Ibrahim's music, will encounter an unfiltered tenderness of immense rarity.

1. Trieste My Love
Length: 01:12
2. Genesis
Length: 01:00
3. For Coltrane
Length: 04:13
4. Blue Bolero (Blue Bolero I)
Length: 02:41
5. Nisa
Length: 09:39
6. Blue Bolero (Blue Bolero II)
Length: 00:36
7. Capetown District Six
Length: 03:39
8. Sotho Blue
Length: 03:36
9. Machopi
Length: 00:08
10. Whoza Mtwana
Length: 02:24
11. Blues for Hip King
Length: 08:04
12. Dream Time
Length: 02:58
13. In the Evening
Length: 03:05
14. Song for Lawrence Brown
Length: 02:06
15. Blue Bolero (Blue Bolero III)
Length: 01:19
16. Dedication to Duke Ellington
Length: 07:48
17. The Ballance
Length: 03:02
18. Aspen
Length: 01:30
19. Did You Hear That Sound
Length: 02:53
20. Blue Bolero (Blue Bolero IV)
Length: 07:07
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 69:00
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