Close to Me

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/1/2019
Style(s): Vocal
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"A symphonic Jazz approach to Fado", is how singer-songwriter Maria Mendes describes the music on her new album Close to Me. "It is not Fado," she immediately emphasizes. "I only used the music and poetry from this genre, but made a completely personal interpretation of it, with new arrangements." In addition, she wrote her own songs, all in the spirit of the genre of her motherland.

1. Há Uma Música do Povo
Length: 05:39
2. Tudo Isto É Fado
Length: 04:38
3. Dança do Amor
Length: 04:41
4. Verdes Anos
Length: 04:37
5. Barco Negro
Length: 05:52
6. Fado da Invejosa
Length: 04:46
7. Foi Deus
Length: 03:51
8. Hermetos Fado for Maria
Length: 03:36
9. Tempo Emptivo
Length: 03:18
10. Asas Fechadas
Length: 05:03
11. E Se Não for Fado
Length: 04:23
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 50:24
UPC: 068944862122