Code Girl [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 7/6/2018
Style(s): Vocal, Post Bop
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Picture of CODE GIRL My Mind I Find in Time - Mary Halvorson Source

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Mary Halvorson's inner rockist isn't ever too far from the surface. On her new album, Code Girl, the guitarist includes vocalist Amirtha Kidambi in an ensemble that's been gigging sporadically for a little more than a year. The contrast between the quieter moments on the album that foreground Kidambi's contributions with Halvorson's most muscular musical proclamations create a new context for the bandleader to unloosen her compositional aptitude. - DownBeat Editors' Pick

1. My Mind I Find in Time
Length: 06:43
2. Possibility of Lightning
Length: 06:17
3. Storm Cloud
Length: 10:00
4. Pretty Mountain
Length: 06:19
5. Off the Record
Length: 05:36
6. In the Second Before
Length: 05:48
7. Accurate Hit
Length: 04:09
8. The Beast
Length: 05:58
9. The Unexpected Natural Phenomenon
Length: 11:29
10. Thunderhead
Length: 05:01
11. And
Length: 06:27
12. Armory Beams
Length: 01:08
13. Deepest Similar
Length: 08:14
14. Drop the Needle
Length: 07:00
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 90:09
UPC: 0711574834310