Ellington at Newport 1956 (Complete)

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/11/1999
Album Personnel: Harry Carney (Baritone Saxophone), John Willie Cook (Trumpet), Paul Gonsalves (Tenor Saxophone), Jimmy Grissom (Clarinet), Jimmy Hamilton (Clarinet), Johnny Hodges (Alto Saxophone), Quentin Jackson (Trombone), William "Cat" Anderson (Trumpet), Ray Nance (Trumpet), Russell Procope (Alto Saxophone), John Sanders (Trombone), Clark Terry (Trumpet), James Woode (Acoustic Upright Bass), Britt Woodman (Trombone), Sam Woodyard (Drums)
Label: Sony
Style(s): Swing
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In 1956, Duke Ellington, one of the most historic figures in big band, was dealing with a struggling career amidst a changing musical landscape. Without a record deal, the Duke Ellington Orchestra performed at the Newport Jazz Festival, a relatively new format for live performance in jazz. From the opening notes of the national anthem, to the 27-chorus solo by Paul Gonsalves, to Ellington’s trademark closing statement, “You are very beautiful, very sweet, and we do love you madly”, Ellington’s Newport concert is his greatest performance, one that practically caused a riot and made headlines around the world, and one that revitalized his popularity for the rest of his life.

1. The Star Spangled Banner
Length: 01:10
2. Father Norman O'Connor Introduces Duke and the Orchestra
Length: 03:36
3. Black and Tan Fantasy
Length: 06:21
4. Duke Introduces Cook and Tune
Length: 00:26
5. Tea for Two
Length: 03:34
6. Duke and Band Leave Stage
Length: 02:30
7. Take the "A" Train
Length: 04:27
8. Duke Announces Strayhorn's "A" Train & Nance
Length: 00:41
9. Festival Junction
Length: 08:10
10. Duke Announces Soloists, Introduces, Pt. 2
Length: 00:38
11. Blues to Be There
Length: 07:09
12. Duke Announces Nance & Procope, Introduces, Pt. 3
Length: 00:19
13. Newport Up
Length: 05:33
14. Duke Announces Hamilton, Gonsalves, Terry, Carney and Tune
Length: 00:25
15. Sophisticated Lady
Length: 03:52
16. Duke Announces Grissom and Tune
Length: 00:17
17. Day in, Day Out
Length: 03:50
18. Duke Introduces Tune and Paul Gonsalves Interludes
Length: 00:23
19. Diminuendo in Blue and Crescendo in Blue
Length: 14:20
20. Announcements, Pandemonium
Length: 00:44
21. Pause
Length: 00:06
22. Duke Introduces Johnny Hodges
Length: 00:18
23. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Length: 03:38
24. Jeep's Blues
Length: 04:36
25. Duke Calms Crowd, Introduces Nance and Tune
Length: 00:42
26. Tulip or Turnip
Length: 02:49
27. Riot Prevention
Length: 01:08
28. Skin Deep
Length: 09:13
29. Mood Indigo
Length: 01:30
30. Studio Concert (Excerpts)
Length: 04:01
31. Father Norman O'Connor Introduces Duke Ellington
Length: 01:02
32. Festival Junction
Length: 08:46
33. Duke Announces Soloists, Introduces, Pt. 2
Length: 00:32
34. Blues to Be There
Length: 07:48
35. Duke Announces Nance and Procope, Introduces, Pt. 3
Length: 00:16
36. Newport Up
Length: 05:20
37. Duke Announces Hamilton, Gonsalves, Terry and Johnny Hodges
Length: 00:41
38. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Length: 03:47
39. Jeep's Blues
Length: 04:31
40. Pause
Length: 00:06
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Total Length: 129:15
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