Suite for Max Brown

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/24/2020
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Though he invited in collaborators for this project, Parker is very much a solo artist on Suite for Max Brown. He constructs a digital bed of beats and samples; lays down tracks of his own on guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion, and occasionally voice; then invites musician friends to play and improvise over his melodies. But unlike a traditional jazz session, Parker doesn't assemble a full band in the studio for a day or two of live takes. His accompanists are often working alone with Parker, reacting to what Parker has provided them, and then Parker uses those individual parts to layer and assemble into his final tracks. The process may be relatively solitary and cerebral, but the results feel like in-the-moment jams-warm-hearted, human, alive. Suite for Max Brown brims with personality, boasting the rhythmic flow of hip hop and the soulful swing of jazz.

1. Build a Nest (feat. Ruby Parker)
Length: 02:13
2. C'mon Now
Length: 00:25
3. Fusion Swirl
Length: 05:32
4. After the Rain
Length: 04:45
5. Metamorphoses
Length: 01:48
6. Gnarciss
Length: 02:12
7. Lydian, Etc.
Length: 00:55
8. Del Rio
Length: 01:38
9. 3 for L
Length: 04:47
10. Go Away
Length: 04:58
11. Max Brown
Length: 10:36
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:49
UPC: 075597922370