Rachael & Vilray

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/4/2019
Label: Nonesuch
Style(s): Vocal
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Rachael & Vilray is the debut album by Lake Street Dive singer-songwriter Rachael Price and composer, singer, and guitarist Vilray. The twelve-song set features 10 originals by Vilray, along with two covers from the era that inspired him: Cuban composer Pedro Junco Jr.'s 1943 "Nosotros" and Milton Drake/Louis Atler's "I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart," first popularized by Peggy Lee. Price and Vilray, who began performing together in 2015, recorded the album with Lake Street Dive pianist Akie Bermiss, a rhythm section, and a small complement of horns, plus a guest performance from pianist Jon Batiste on "Go On Shining." Dan Knobler, who had worked with Lake Street Dive on the Free Yourself Up album, produced.

1. Without a Thought for My Heart
Length: 02:27
2. Do Friends Fall in Love?
Length: 02:55
3. Alone at Last
Length: 03:16
4. Treat Me Better
Length: 02:40
5. Nosotros
Length: 03:14
6. At Your Mother's House
Length: 03:20
7. I Can't Go to Sleep
Length: 02:37
8. I Love the Way You're Breaking My Heart
Length: 03:18
9. The Laundromat Swing
Length: 02:13
10. Go on Shining (feat. Jon Batiste)
Length: 03:43
11. Let's Make Love on This Plane
Length: 02:29
12. There's No True Love
Length: 03:41
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 35:53
UPC: 075597924183