Stitt Plays Bird

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/25/1990
Style(s): Bebop
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Picture of STITT PLAYS BIRD (MOD) Ornithology - Sonny Stitt Source

Sonny Stitt forged his own approach to playing bebop out of the sound and style of Charlie Parker, and performs ten Parker works on Stitt Plays Bird. “Stitt, who mastered bebop and could play hot licks in his sleep, is in top form on such numbers as ‘Constellation,’ ‘Confirmation’, and ‘Ko-Ko,’ making this an essential item for straight-ahead jazz fans.” - All Music Guide

1. Ornithology
Length: 03:38
2. Scrapple From the Apple
Length: 03:51
3. My Little Suede Shoes
Length: 03:06
4. Parker's Mood
Length: 04:21
5. Au Privave
Length: 02:41
6. Ko-Ko
Length: 04:55
7. Confirmation
Length: 04:38
8. Hootie Blues
Length: 06:25
9. Constellation
Length: 03:19
10. Now's the Time
Length: 03:19
11. Yardbird Suite
Length: 04:53
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 45:06
UPC: 075678135729