Format: CD
Release Date: 9/11/2020
Label: DMP
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Not only hi-fi enthusiasts think of this still legendary recording with a happy twinkles in their eyes. Tricycle takes you musically and technically into another world. Jazz in absolute perfection and a wonderful exceptional recording. Tricycle is filled to the brim with fusion-driven songs. The high-quality compositions, mixed with great musicality, are driven by an incredible dynamic and are at the same time tight and easy. For good reason, this recording was part of the compulsory repertoire for hifi system tests for years. The purity of the recordings alone does not only make audiophiles falter. If you want to test your speakers with regard to both brilliant highs and deep, dry bass, you shouldn't miss this album. Exemplary transparency and dry-dynamic punch reveal the weaknesses of every system. For more than a decade, the legendary Flim and the BB's album was no longer available. Now Tricycle emerges from the sinking again - namely as UHQCD (Ultimate High Quanlity CD).

1. Tricycle
Length: 04:40
2. Cakewalk
Length: 06:39
3. Lunch Hour Wedding March
Length: 04:21
4. Sweet Winds of Change
Length: 05:20
5. Tell Me
Length: 06:16
6. Thunder and Birdies
Length: 05:12
7. High Wire
Length: 05:26
8. The
Length: 03:58
9. Sam's Samba
Length: 06:06
10. Eden
Length: 06:21
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:19
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