In Paris: The ORTF Recordings (Deluxe Edition)

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/11/2016
Style(s): Modal
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Picture of IN PARIS: THE ORTF RECORDINGS (DLX) (DIG) In Paris: The ORTF Recordings - Mini-Documentary Source

Released here for the first time, 2016's Larry Young in Paris: The ORTF Recordings is something of a lost treasure rediscovered. Recorded while the pianist/organist was living in France from 1964-1965, these recordings were broadcast once on French public radio and then archived for decades. As a listening experience, these recordings are a revelation. While more ad hoc in nature than his landmark Blue Note album, Unity, one can clearly hear the angular modalism and cutting-edge harmonies that Young and trumpeter Woody Shaw borrowed from Coltrane, pianist McCoy Tyner, and others, and would then build on it throughout the rest of the '60s into the '70s. Ultimately, The ORTF Recordings offer a revealing snapshot of a new breed of jazz musicians, Young and Shaw, who would return to the states on the heels of their time in Paris and revolutionize the sound of modern jazz. - All Music Guide (Matt Collar)

1. Trane of Thought
Length: 06:48
2. Talkin' About J.C.
Length: 14:53
3. Mean to Me
Length: 04:12
4. La valse grise
Length: 16:09
5. Discothèque
Length: 10:43
6. Luny Tune
Length: 04:38
7. Beyond All Limits
Length: 07:40
8. Black Nile
Length: 13:59
9. Zoltan
Length: 20:31
10. Larry's Blues
Length: 06:15
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 105:48
UPC: 096802280245