Groovin' Hard: Live at the Penthouse

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/13/2017
Style(s): Soul
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Picture of GROOVIN HARD: LIVE AT THE PENTHOUSE 1964-1968 Groovin' Hard: Live at the Penthouse (Album Preview) Source

Groovin’ Hard is a collection of previously unreleased live recordings of the legendary jazz trio, The Three Sounds, led by groove-master Gene Harris. Live at Seattle's Penthouse Jazz Club from 1964-1968, this set contains soulful originals like “Blue Genes” and standards like "The Shadow Of Your Smile," which was never released on any other Three Sounds' albums. Deluxe package features rare photos and memorabilia — including the classic image on the cover of the trio at the club, plus essays.

1. Girl Talk
Length: 06:22
2. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Length: 05:49
3. Blues Genes
Length: 03:10
4. The Shadow of Your Smile
Length: 06:55
5. Rat Down Front
Length: 02:25
6. Yours Is My Heart Alone
Length: 07:49
7. A.M. Blues
Length: 04:09
8. Bluesette
Length: 06:48
9. Caesar and Cleopatra
Length: 04:57
10. The Boogaloo
Length: 02:43
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 51:07
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