Back in the Day

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Release Date: 8/9/2019
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In the spring of 1978, Vaughn became a member of The Premiere Jazz Ensemble of the US Air Force the Airmen of Note. At that time, he caught the attention of thousands of people across the country who witnessed his blistering lead and solo work, and the searing high notes he unleashed. By Presidential Order, he was presented with the Meritorious Service Medal for his distinctive accomplishments and contributions while a member of The Note. This recording is two nearly complete LPs from the early '80s: Cutting Through and El Tigre that never saw the light of day! His performances breed instant inspiration that moves you from being a mere listener to quickly become the avid admirer. Even Dizzy Gillespie himself immediately recognized what Vaughn had to say through his playing upon hearing him perform with his own group for the very first time. Dizzy had been a major influence in the mind and development of Vaughn when he was growing up. Employing the right arrangers, and colossal cast of musicians to bolster Vaughn's total performance, is something he takes seriously. When you consider the full spectrum of music that unfolds on this recording, and all that it takes to present it on such an incredibly high level, the environment demands players who are the cream of the cream of the crop. Vaughn's voice on trumpet, flugelhorn and valve-bone cover it all...from laughter to sorrow. His fellow bandmates understand their leader and the roles they have in creating storylines he tells on each diverse chapter of Back in the Day. From the stage, Vaughn has always had the ability to stand in front of a band and bore through the back wall of even the largest concert halls. This CD unleashes some of that same energy captured in the sentiment of Hanta Yo (clear the way or get out of the way).

1. Cutting Through
2. Runaway
3. A Night in Tunisia
4. Line for Lyons
5. Counting Down
6. Alone
7. Blues in the Guts
8. Caravan
9. Over the Rainbow
10. Donna Lee
11. Cloudcroft
12. Autumn Leaves
13. Hidden Promise
14. No Cause for Concern
15. El Tigre
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