Chamber Jazz

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Release Date: 2/7/2020
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The music compiled here is the result of an interest in combining the warmer sonorities of alto flute, English horn, French horn, tuba and strings with a rhythm section and soloist to complete a large ensemble picture. Chamber jazz: fusing elements of music from French composers, most notably, Ravel and Debussy with jazz. Result: Tasty outing that you'll want to hear over and over.

While in Pass Manchac features Scott Wendholt from the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Pillow on alto.

Charlotte and Evan features Gary Versace on piano and Pillow on alto.

Don't Explain is a tour de force for the one and only Vic Juris on guitar.

Pascoal's Bebe is one of his most well known compositions, practically a Brazilian standard. It's given a slower treatment here, featuring Gary Versace on accordion, Pillow on clarinet and the percussion and drumming of Rogerio Boccato and Rich Thompson.

Williams' Pee Wee first appeared on Miles' Sorcerer, from 1967, a period where Wayne Shorter supplied most of the compositions for the group. This one features Vic Juris on guitar and Pillow on alto flute.

Oska T is one of Monk's most underperformed pieces. Here Scott Wendholt and Alan Ferber stretch out and show how versatile they are

Abschied, Ray features Gary Versace.

Atchafalaya Fiction features Alan Ferber who shows why he is in such demand and Gary Versace again demonstrates his remarkable talents.

1. While in Pass Manchac
2. Charlotte Evan
3. Don't Explain
4. Bebe
5. Pee Wee
6. Oska T
7. Abschied, Ray
8. Atchafalaya Fiction
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