Beyond Borders

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/15/2017
Label: eOne Music
Style(s): Latin, Fusion
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"There are many borders in our lives. Some are built by others, some we create for ourselves. Whenever I have ventured beyond the borders in my life, I have been the better for it. Beauty, humanity, artistry, joy, wisdom, and of course love... these things don't stop at some line on a page. If music is the universal language, maybe there is something it can teach us?"... Jesse Cook Following on the heels of One World's critical and commercial success, Jesse Cook is ready to launch his new album Beyond Borders. This is the most sonically diverse and distinctive disc in Jesse Cook's vast and varied catalogue. This catalogue has earned Jesse 11 Juno nominations and one Juno win for 2000's Free Fall. Beyond Borders is an in depth musical journey exploring the exotic boundaries of World Music.

1. Beyond Borders
Length: 03:15
2. Hembra
Length: 03:26
3. Unchosen
Length: 03:53
4. To the Horizon
Length: 03:36
5. Lost
Length: 02:25
6. Double Dutch
Length: 03:49
7. Skip the Moon
Length: 03:13
8. The Toll
Length: 03:19
9. Call to Rhythm
Length: 03:35
10. Above the Rain
Length: 04:01
11. A Mi Nina
Length: 03:27
12. Wisdom of a Thousand Years
Length: 04:21
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 42:20
UPC: 099923895923