Club Rendezvous

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/14/2020
Label: Label Logic
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Sasha's Bloc is a collective created by Alexander Gershman, delivering a sound that is big, boisterous, and full of spirit. Sasha's Bloc encapsulates everything that makes jazz an American phenomenon. Club Rendezvous was co-written and co-produced by Grammy winning producer Charlie Midnight. Recorded live at NRG Studios, the album brings together a vibrant blend of jazz, blues, and dixieland, transporting the audience to an evocative sensual adventure through the sultry vocals of the band.

1. Rendezvous
Length: 03:20
2. A Kiss for a Kiss
Length: 04:16
3. Swing and Swagger
Length: 03:18
4. Cigarettes, Coffee and Champagne
Length: 04:10
5. Going to Extremes
Length: 03:12
6. Memory in Black and White
Length: 04:14
7. Boogie Side of Town
Length: 03:15
8. Written with the Blues
Length: 03:40
9. Land of Noir
Length: 03:20
10. Alley Cat
Length: 04:15
11. I Choose Happiness
Length: 03:50
12. Crazy Love
Length: 04:01
13. Time Out of Time
Length: 04:21
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 49:12
UPC: 192641067433