Geyser [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 2/22/2019
Label: DAC Records
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Geyser is French musician Annabelle Playe's third album. Multidisciplinary artist, singer, writer, and electronic performer Annabelle Playe's album Geyser consists of two pieces mostly with electronic and electroacoustic influences, from the GRM (Pierre Schaeffer's Groupe de Recherche Musicale) to noise and industrial music. It reveals a universe made from distortions and atmospheric landscapes. Playe on her work: "An electronic journey questioning what moves inside and brings us beyond. Questioning detail, speed, fragmentation, and continuum."

1. Geyser I
Length: 12:41
2. Geyser II
Length: 18:40
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 31:21
UPC: 192914835103