Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Music from the Netflix Film)

Format: CD
Release Date: 12/18/2020
Label: Milan Records
Style(s): Blues
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Milan Records announces the release of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Music from the Netflix Film), an album of music from Netflix’s newest original film about “Mother of the Blues” Ma Rainey.  The album features score music by critically-acclaimed saxophonist, instrumentalist, composer, bandleader and educator Branford Marsalis, as well as newly-recorded covers of both popular Ma Rainey tracks and blues and jazz standards from the era.  The multi-GRAMMY Award® winner brings over four decades of experience across stylistic boundaries to the project, imbuing the film with an authentic 1920s Chicago soundscape.  

Of the soundtrack, composer Branford Marsalis says, “When George Wolfe called to ask me to compose music for his upcoming film, the project forced me to quickly fill in a gap in my musical experience:  addressing the music of the 1920’s.  I was excited about learning a new sound for my aural library and had to get right to work...  Having only written arrangements for the modern big band (17 instruments, no strings), I looked forward to the challenge of writing in a ‘20s format and convincing the musicians to play the music as authentically as possible.”

Director George C. Wolfe adds, “When I signed on to direct Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, I instantly knew I wanted to work with Branford Marsalis, because when you collaborate with Branford the composer/arranger, Branford the historian, musicologist, dramatist and raconteur shows up as well.  And because he understands the inherently transgressive nature of the blues, Branford’s arrangements capture not only the cultural and regional DNA in Ma Rainey’s songs, but the wit and rage embedded in every note, shout and moan.”

Chicago, 1927. A recording session. Tensions rise between Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), her ambitious horn player (Chadwick Boseman), and the white management determined to control the legendary “Mother of the Blues.” Based on Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson's play.  Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, directed by George C. Wolfe. Adapted for the screen by Ruben Santiago-Hudson. Produced by Denzel Washington, Todd Black and Dany Wolf. Starring Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Colman Domingo, Glynn Turman, Michael Potts, Taylour Paige, Jonny  Coyne, Jeremy Shamos and Dusan Brown. 

1. Deep Moaning Blues (Performed by Maxayn Lewis)
Length: 04:52
2. El Train
Length: 01:12
3. Lazy Mama
Length: 02:34
4. Chicago Sun
Length: 00:46
5. Those Dogs of Mine (Performed by Viola Davis)
Length: 00:45
6. Hear Me Talking to You
Length: 04:29
7. The Story of Memphis Green
Length: 04:19
8. Jump Song
Length: 03:22
9. Leftovers
Length: 04:08
10. Shoe Shopping
Length: 01:04
11. Deep Henderson
Length: 03:25
12. Reverend Gates
Length: 02:02
13. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Performed by Maxayn Lewis)
Length: 02:14
14. Levee’s Song
Length: 02:39
15. Sweet Lil’ Baby of Mine (Performed by Clint Johnson)
Length: 02:12
16. In the Shadow of Joe Oliver
Length: 02:02
17. Hear Me Talking to You (Performed Maxayn Lewis)
Length: 00:52
18. Levee and Dussie
Length: 04:46
19. Levee Confronts God
Length: 02:13
20. Sandman
Length: 01:38
21. Baby, Let Me Have It All (Performed by Clint Johnson)
Length: 02:03
22. Toledo’s Song
Length: 02:17
23. Chicago at Sunset
Length: 01:19
24. Skip, Skat, Doodle-Do (Performed by Cedric Watson)
Length: 02:05
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 59:18
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