Live at Ronnie Scott's

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/14/2020
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Recorded live at the world-renowned Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club during the 2018 International Piano Trio Festival, Bill Laurance Trio's new album strikes a delicate balance between honouring a longstanding tradition, and outlining a creative vision for it's development. On the one hand, the London-based pianist and composer's reverence for the live trio recordings of Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal, and Bill Evans informed both the nature of his and his bandmates' performance, and their approach to the treatment and mix of the resultant material. On the other, each musician's versatility, breadth of musical influences, and penchant for music technology, steers this nine-track collection away from the styles of the aforementioned innovators, toward a sound less constant, more cinematic and with greater textural scope.

1. Chia
Length: 06:39
2. Swag Times
Length: 06:24
3. The Pines
Length: 11:19
4. The Good Things
Length: 09:04
5. Golden Hour
6. Red Sand
Length: 08:07
7. Madeleine
Length: 05:50
8. Never-Ending City
Length: 06:12
9. The Real One
Length: 07:39
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:14
UPC: 194491689957