Beautiful and Strange

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/8/2020
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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Chelsea Williams is a keen observer of the human condition, and perhaps her years busking on the streets of Santa Monica helped hone that aspect of her personality—along with the ability to craft catchy melodies that could grab the attention of busy pedestrians. Teaming with her husband/producer Ross Garren, Williams has sculpted a sparkling gem with Beautiful & Strange, a 40-minute program chock-full of earworms and more hooks than a tackle box. - DownBeat Magazine


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1. Wasted
Length: 03:04
2. Red Flag
Length: 03:57
3. Skin and Bones
Length: 03:39
4. Dust
Length: 03:39
5. Something Sweet
Length: 03:50
6. Muskegon
Length: 03:56
7. Beautiful Strange
Length: 03:56
8. Cornerstone
Length: 03:45
9. High Speed Chase
Length: 03:47
10. The Best Is Yet to Come
Length: 03:27
11. Fffun
Length: 02:35
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:35
UPC: 194491731007