Tribute to Irakere: Live in Marciac

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/13/2015
Label: Jazz Village
Style(s): Latin
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Picture of TRIBUTE TO IRAKERE - LIVE IN MARCIAC Chucho Valdés - Lorena's Tango Source

Four decades ago, Chucho Valdes revolutionized Cuba's musical landscape as leader of the jazz ensemble Irakere, whose sound-world and arrangements remain strikingly modern to this day. For forty years, the volcanic energy of the music of Irakere, propelled by dance rhythms and symphonic orchestrations, brought to life a fantasy universe filled with untamed creatures and sounds of mythical drums. Today, at 73, Valdes demonstrates his irrepressible vigor with a re-discovery of original Irakere charts - here entrusted to the young musicians of his new band, the Afro-Cuban Messengers. Not content with reiterating old repertoire, on "Tribute to Irakere - Live in Marciac", the master has reinvented and refashioned those charts into wonderful source material for a new generation of musicians.

1. Juana 1600
Length: 07:56
2. Lorena's Tango
Length: 08:09
3. Congadanza
Length: 10:34
4. Afro-Comanche
Length: 17:55
5. Afro-Funk
Length: 07:12
6. Yansá
Length: 17:52
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 69:38
UPC: 3149027006422