Journey Around the Truth

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/12/2019
Label: Signature
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Journey Around the Truth is a work commissioned from Andy Emler by Radio France for the new organ of the Auditorium of Radio France. This project is the fruit of a long musical friendship between two great jazz musicians: Andy Emler and Dave Liebman. Music ""made to measure"", composed in a year, its convergence of the written and the improvised is magnified by the complicity and virtuosity of the two musicians. Andy Emler, composer, pianist, a catalyst of enthusiasm, initiator of collaborations, arranger, a lover of improvisation, is a man of invention. After taking composition, harmony, counterpoint and fugue courses and Saturday night dances, he embarked on a variety of musical adventures with notable musicians. David Liebman is considered a renaissance man in contemporary music with a career stretching nearly fifty years. He has played with masters including Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, McCoy Tyner and others; authored books and instructional videos which are acknowledged as classics in the jazz field; recorded as a leader in styles ranging from classical to rock to free jazz. He has performed on over 500 recordings with over 200 as a leader/co-leader featuring several hundred original compositions.

1. Step in the Field
Length: 07:51
2. Commutations 2
Length: 05:10
3. Endless Samsara Extension
Length: 12:44
4. Hopening 9
Length: 05:34
5. Unvoidable Transmission
Length: 03:11
6. Journey Around the Truth
Length: 05:54
7. Essoufflance 2
Length: 05:20
8. The Postlude Blues
Length: 11:09
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 56:53
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