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Release Date: 10/9/2020
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Fapy Lafertin is a leading light in jazz, a legendary figure and guardian of the flame. He is also a great guitarist. Here he fronts his New Quartet represents the cream of the young guard of “string jazz” in Belgium, with Alexandre Tripodi and Renaud Dardenne (the “Violons de Bruxelles”) and Cédric Raymond, known for his work with Tcha Limberger, Toots Thielemans etc. The album ranges between gypsy jazz — one of the most attractive, animated expressions of swing in continental Europe — and the choro and fado genres of Brazil and Portugal, whose Atlantic melodies are full of romanticism and sensitivity. The guitarist and his companions, all of them tuneful stylists, here invite us to fly through the air on a voyage that defies gravity.

1. Torontoi emlek
2. La belle vie
3. Jumbo: My Romance
4. Vibrações
5. The Baltic
6. Turn
7. Cinzano
8. Fantaisie en sol
9. Can-Can: It's Alright with Me
10. Pixinguinha em Lisboa
11. Japanese Sandman
12. Plachterida
13. Carnation
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