Rythmes Contemporains [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 4/26/2019
Label: Broc Records
Style(s): Funk
Availability: Backorder

Digitally remastered edition of one of the most ambitious and costly records to come out of '70s library music, the legendary Rythmes Contemporains from the brilliant Janko Nilovic. This complex and protean work shines out particularly from the rich discography of this Yugoslavian composer, and according to his many fans across the world, is one of his greatest achievements. The year is 1972 and Janko Nilovic is in his most creative period. The label Montparnasse 2000, trusting him entirely, give him the means to make his ambitions a reality, allowing him to put together a gigantic big band comprising 45 musicians, including the gifted drummer Andre Ceccarelli, percussionist Jean Schultheis and Catherine Laura on lead violin. And so everything is in place to make these recordings an exceptional moment that embodies elegance. The result is beyond the wildest expectations and the 6 tracks pressed into the heart of this rare vinyl resound music of incredible strength and coherence. A whirlwind of notes and epic rhythms which go crazy, calm down then stir once more at the command of Nilovic who truly gives his all.

1. Black on a White Ground
Length: 06:37
2. Giant Locomotion
Length: 08:16
3. Xenos Cosmos
Length: 04:57
4. Underground Session
Length: 10:07
5. Mouvements Aquatiles
Length: 02:34
6. The Savage Rose
Length: 05:00
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 37:31
UPC: 3700604718611