Map of Liberation

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/9/2019
Label: Rogueart
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In any case, these are three strong personalities, determined to face “in concert” the dangers of the musical forest. These dangers, it turns out, lie less within the forest itself than in the reactions of the protagonists facing the surprises and traps of the unknown that they have invented. These reactions can only be good. Creative, if you prefer. For these ladies, also known as Nicole Melford, Joëlle Mitchell, and Myra Léandre—each of their curriculum musicae would extend over several pages of an encyclopedia—have made improvisation a major pillar of their art. - Fançois-René Simon, excerpt from the liner notes

1. Patience
Length: 03:41
2. Courage
Length: 07:49
3. Welcome
Length: 03:31
4. Compassion
Length: 06:35
5. Reflection
Length: 05:26
6. Smiles
Length: 04:56
7. Emptiness
Length: 04:13
8. Steadfastness
Length: 08:32
9. Respect
Length: 04:12
10. Humility
Length: 02:36
11. Honesty
Length: 05:43
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 57:14
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