Kshatrya Eye of the Bird [Vinyl]

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Release Date: 6/21/2019
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Transversales Disques presents Kshatrya (The Eye of the Bird), a never released before recording by French avant-garde electronic composer Igor Wakhevitch. Wakhevitch composed a bunch of major experimental albums in the '70s, such as Logos (1970), Docteur Faust (1971), Hathor (1972), Les Fous D'or (1975), Nagual (1977), and Let's Start (1979). During this 10-year period, Wakhevitch was close to Jean-Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and legendary choreographer Maurice Bejart having with him many conversations around dance and music, human body and soul, spiritual path, collective life, new society, and human evolution. As a composer, Igor Wakhevitch collaborated with Salvador Dali, Carolyn Carlson, and Terry Riley, to name a few. He's considered as one of the first French composer using synthesizers like Synthi AKS, ARP2600, or Moog modular systems. After spending almost 30 years in India, Igor Wakhevitch dug in his archives this unreleased work recorded in 1999 on his "Mysterious Island 88" system. Esoteric, sacred, and cosmic, Kshatrya (The Eye of the Bird) is the logical follow up of Igor's early works and a monumental piece of electronic music. A must!

1. Love Song to Ekalavya (The Ancient Age - Introducing the Quest of the Secret Word, the Mantra of Immortality) Prologue
Length: 06:22
2. The Golden Night, Pt. 1
Length: 07:46
3. The Golden Night, Pt. 2: A Walk Beneath the Stars - Ursa Minor: From the North (Polaris, Alpha Ursea Minoris) To the South (Kochab, Beta Ursea Minoris)
Length: 05:55
4. The Silver Horses (Usha, the Guardian of the East, the Goddess Morning, the Entity of the Dawn) Om Ushaaya Nama
Length: 05:57
5. The Roarer, The Entity of Darkness, the Guardian of the West (Rudra, the Three Eyed One)
Length: 07:57
6. The Ride of the Makara, the Elephant-Crocodile with a Fish Tail
Length: 01:45
7. The Workload of the World
Length: 10:40
8. 27th September 1942. Train N°38. Railway Station Paris-Drancy. Destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau
Length: 06:36
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 52:58
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