Format: CD
Release Date: 2/8/2019
Label: B. Records
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With "Hypocrisis" B Records launches it's jazz collection, and what a beautiful manifesto this album is! Recorded live with the same attention as ever in a mythic place for jazz creation, the Dynamo in Pantin, the Pujuila Quartet, gathered around the eclectic clarinettist Florent Pujuila, draws an intimate course around the emotions of it's composer, sailing with both virtuosity and passion between jazz, rock, and contemporary music. Four musicians with very different backgrounds are united in The Pujuila Quartet, created by French clarinetist Florent Pujuila: Fabrice Martinez, Bruno Chevillon and Eric Echampard. Different musical styles are here meshed together, from jazz to rock, from classical to electro music, all of which the musicians have had a chance to tackle throughout their individual careers. The Pujuila Quartet's musical language is at the crossroads between contemporary music, Mediterranean influences, and jazz- recognizable through the rhythmic structures and extensive solos. Energy and strength are tamed by vertiginous rhythms, mingled with playful timbres and rich sounds.

1. Sweet Toad
Length: 09:32
2. Hypocrisis
Length: 06:52
3. I Will
Length: 04:01
4. Ne dis pas
Length: 07:50
5. Fêlure
Length: 08:23
6. Sombre héros
Length: 04:59
7. Viscerum
Length: 05:48
8. Chicago's Frog
Length: 05:42
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 53:07
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